Ticket Manager is a software solution designed for family entertainment centres operating redemption machines. The system is used to control the operation of the redemption prize shop and stock. The easy-to-use touchscreen system alongside wireless barcode scanning technology offers a wide range of functions allowing staff members to quickly serve your customers.

The system integrates with all major ticket eaters including Ticket Station, Ticket Eater, Galileo and Smart Technologies. Tickets not redeemed are returned to the customer in the form of a secure bar-coded receipt or Loyalty Card.

Ticket Manager includes a comprehensive and easy-to-use stock inventory system which has the capability to add, delete and update stock details. From the stock screen, you can see the value of all stock within the prize shop at anytime. Reports can be easily generated from the system in various formats or even printed directly onto a receipt.

An advanced security feature of the system voids all tickets previously used thereby decreasing the risk of fraud. Receipts given to customers have a unique code which allows them only to be used in your premises ensuring receipts from other sites cannot be accepted.

Loyalty Cards

Our loyalty card system, which previously had to be bought as a separate module, is now fully included with our Ticket Manager software. The system allows customers to store tickets securely on a bar-coded Loyalty Card.

Customised promotions can also be carried out to encourage your customers to return again and again!

Bingo Module

Operators who have Prize Bingo can now take advantage of our integrated Bingo module, which allows each stock item to be given a prize value alongside the ticket value.

All bingo reports are generated separately from the redemption reports.

Ticket Manager Features

Serve customers quickly using touchscreen technology.

Wireless scanners allow two staff members to serve customers simultaneously.

Integrates with all major ticket eater manufactures including Ticket Eater, Ticket Station, Galileo and Smart Technologies.

Handles tickets electronically for a faster service.

Prints a receipt with a secure barcode for any remaining balance or transfer to a customer loyalty card.

A secondary customer display allows customers to see the value of what they have won. You can also show all available stock items which updates each time you purchase an item.

Any Item without a barcode can be assigned to a button accessible from the user’s main screen. Alternatively, a barcode can be printed for that item.

Stock control highlights low level and out of stock items.

Promotions offered to loyalty customers can be customised to your specification.

Closing reports shows the value of stock redeemed on that day/week

Generate and print management reports in various formats which can then be stored.

Secure promotion vouchers can be printed to use on other equipment.

Full prize shop value given at any time.

User cards allow restrictions to all functions to be customised for each individual.

The customer display can show your own advertisements when a transaction is not in progress.