Ticket Manager

Launched in 2011, Ticket Manager is a software solution designed specifically for Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) who operates Redemption. Our user-friendly interface controls your entire redemption and prize inventory. Our system enabled up to four users to operate the system using wireless barcode scanning technology to improve customer service at your prize shop.

The system integrates with all major ticket eaters including Ticket Station, Ticket Eater, Galileo and Smart Technologies. Points not redeemed are returned to the customer in the form of a secure bar-coded receipt or added to their customer loyalty card. The system will void all tickets previously used thereby decreasing the risk of fraud. Receipts given to customers have a unique code which allows them only to be used in your premises ensuring receipts from other sites cannot be accepted.

Stock Control

Ticket Manager hosts a comprehensive and easy-to-use stock inventory system which has the capability to add, delete and update stock item details. You can set and manage stock levels per item and generate re-order reports.

Loyalty Cards

Each loyalty customer can be issued with a barcoded loyalty card to store their points. Personal details can be added to the system to allow you to identify each of your loyalty customers. Customised promotions can also be carried out to encourage your customers to return again and again!

Prize Bingo

Operators of Prize Bingo can now take advantage of our integrated Bingo module, which allows each stock item to be given a win value alongside the ticket value. All bingo reports are generated separately from the redemption reports.